Adapting To The New Normal

Because Business as Usual Isn’t the Way It Used to Be

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Fulfill Your Promises

Stores are now faced with navigating new government regulations and customer cleanliness expectations. With rapidly changing market dynamics, having a partner like Vixxo will help ensure zero equipment downtime and guarantee clean & contactless facilities. Our record of real-time innovation in integrated facilities management with rapid response service teams will allow you to meet and exceed your promises.

Vixxo is your brand of choice for:

  1. Real Time Innovations
  2. Rapidly Changing Market Needs
  3. Cost Controls
  4. Revenue Growth
  5. Improved Equipment Performance
  6. Human Resource Managements
  7. Pressure Testing Operational Models
  8. Future Proofing Your Operations

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In just three months, Vixxo updated well over 16,000 Mastrena espresso machines with new settings and calibrated the equipment to ensure every sweet, caramelly shot of espresso was delivered in a way we could be proud of.
Andrew Linneman
VP Global Coffee Quality & Engagement, Starbucks Coffee Company
Razzoo’s feels comfortable working with a company who thoroughly understands the restaurant business and brings its deep expertise literally to the table. Vixxo’s knowledge of our business is critical, but they also have significant experience with other brands. We’re looking forward to learning from that know-how.
Craig Bayless
Director of Facilities, Razzoo's

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As you continue to adapt to a changing market, strive to ensure zero equipment downtime and guarantee clean & contactless facilities, we invite you to leverage Vixxo’s integrated facilities management expertise.

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Trust Vixxo

In 2019 alone, we serviced over 25,000 unique pieces of commercial equipment and delivered an aggregate uptime of over 99.6%. We have the service network and technical experts in place to immediately support your stores and on-going facility needs.

Beyond our expertise in equipment, and more recently since the pandemic began, we’ve supported our customers’ COVID-19 remediation needs. To date, we have already provided cleaning, disinfecting, plexiglass safety divider installation, equipment calibration, safety stations, and other preparedness services in 1,000s of locations across North America.