Reopen your store with confidence.

Attracting customers in a post-pandemic world won’t be as simple as turning on the lights and unlocking your doors – you will need accommodate the changes brought about by COVID-19. You will need to make your guests feel safe.

We recommend your reopening plan includes visible measures to create:

  1. A safe, socially distanced store
  2. Safe and efficient zones for staff
  3. Contactless restrooms with alternate handwashing options
  4. Enhanced store access and building security
  5. Sanitized and re-calibrated equipment
  6. Configuration adjustments to any customer self-service areas
  7. Improved store airflow and traffic flow
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Why Vixxo?

As a partner to some of the world’s best brands, Vixxo consistently delivers measurable results.


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Results with Vixxo

99% uptime of revenue-generating equipment


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Results With Vixxo

Over 10,000 locations supported, delivering $19.4M savings since 2014


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Results with Vixxo

100% on target delivering $12.7M savings in unplanned budget items

Need to track your progress? Here’s a handy checklist for your reopening process.

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“In just three months, Vixxo updated well over 16,000 Mastrena espresso machines with new settings and calibrated the equipment to ensure every sweet, caramelly shot of espresso was delivered in a way we could be proud of.”

Andrew Linneman, VP Global Coffee Quality & Engagement, Starbucks Coffee Company

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Why Vixxo

In 2019 alone, we serviced over 25,000 unique pieces of commercial equipment and delivered an aggregate uptime of over 99.6%. We have the service network and technical experts in place to immediately support reopening your stores.

Beyond our expertise in equipment, and more recently since the pandemic began, we’ve supported our customers’ COVID-19 remediation needs. To date, we have already provided cleaning, disinfecting, plexiglass safety divider installation, equipment calibration, safety stations, and other reopen preparedness services in 1,000s of locations across North America.

We have the service network and technical experts in place to immediately support reopening your stores and on-going facility needs.